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Random Roundup 1

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Art & Design | No Comments

Random Roundup 1

Oops… it’s been a while since I posted something here! Since I haven’t been working on anything big, long and blog-worthy, today I’m bringing you a small and random collection of things I’ve finished recently. So sit back and Enjoy them!

My Hero

Our first stop of the day takes us to a piece I made for the Sketchfab Heroic Voxels contest. The challenge was to make a voxel scene with a heroic / fantasy theme to it. For my entry I came up the idea of a mage fight featuring a large elemental construct. I had considered having two constructs fighting, but after putting one into the scene I realised this would have been too much – the single guardian feels bigger and much more impressive on his own.

I hadn’t worked with voxels before, but I found the experience quite enjoyable. Since you work with colours rather than textures, you see results very quickly while modelling which is rewarding. There was some hassle converting this coloured style into unique UV’s for the lighting I wanted to do, but I got there eventually, and I’m very pleased with the end result.

Update: I came in 2nd for the contest. Congrats to the other winners!

It’s About Time…

Findlays Truck Stop

I’ll take two beers and a burger. Make that three beers… four beers. Hold the burger.

Next up we have something a little different – a 2D piece! This piece of Starcraft 2 fanart is based on Tychus Findlay, a larcenous terran marine with a bit of an attitude problem. The logo is for a fictional ‘Truck Stop’ style diner – the sort of establishment he might have owned if he hadn’t become a marine.

It features a number of links to the character – his birth date, his home planet, the number from his armor decal and a famous phrase of his – it’s about time! The design also features a double circle border to mimic the visor section of a marine helm. There’s also a rough cigar shape in there somewhere!

Full Size Version: Deviant Art

A Friend in Need

I enjoyed working with voxels for Sketchfab so much, I made another voxel piece! The whole thing was pretty quick to do, taking 1-2 hours for the majority of the work. I did spend a little extra time fiddling with the previously mentioned colour conversion process, revising my method and giving better end results (faster too).

Obviously, it’s a piece of Portal 2 fanart, and features Chell chasing after her one and only best friend – the companion cube! Wheatley is in pursuit… or just rambling annoying while stalking her. Either or, you decide!

Full Size Version: Deviant Art

My Master-piece

A Spoonful of Conquest

A Spoonful of Conquest…

Our last stop for today is another 2D piece. This time we take a trip to the Doctor Who universe and his arch nemesis – the Master! In recent series, the Master returned in female form being played by Michelle Gomez. Many people had made comparisons between Missy and an unhinged Mary Poppins… so I just took it one step further, reimagining a Mary Poppins poster to feature the Sinister Time Lady gliding over a Dalek city on Skaro.

Bonus points if you can spot the other Doctor Who references in the scene and the text. I had a lot of fun making this one – and it was even retweeted by Missy herself. High praise indeed!

Full Size Version: Deviant Art

And Done!

That’s all for this time – thanks for reading, stay safe, drive slowly, don’t do drugs, only walk down well lit streets, and always wear clean underwear. Always.

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