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In the Beginning

Founded by 3 university graduates in the north of England, XWired Games LLP is an independent games company, focused on building the kind of games that we, as gamers, would want to play.

After working with our own in-house engines for several years, we at XG are now avid Unity developers. Combining power and flexibility, this amazing cross platform engine is perfectly suited to our needs, and allows us get our vision of gaming to the widest possible audience. Yay!

Meet the Team

Phil Clark

Phil Clark


Legend tells of a graduate Software Engineering who was seduced to the dark side of game development.

Cursed by his ability to draw more than stickmen and cubes, Phil is now in charge of anything ‘artistic’ til the end of time.

Rob Davies

Rob Davies


With a passion for puzzles and problem solving, Rob is a natural born programmer and good at sleeping (he almost went Pro).

Rumour has it that his first word was ‘Headshot’, and that he was born with an mouse in his right hand.

Company Details