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My 3December

Posted by on Jan 22, 2019 in Art & Design | No Comments

As if Decembers aren’t busy enough, I recently I decided to take part in Sketchfabs 3December challenge. Did I make it to the end? Did I lose my mind along the way? Well let’s find out!


3December is one of those trendy rename-a-month-for-an-events things, but instead of growing facial hair to fight cancer, it’s just artists challenging themselves to produce a piece of work each day. How selfish!

More specifically on Sketchfab the 3December challenge was to produce 21 days of models based on a theme given each day.

Something about this challenge piqued my interest, and before I knew it I was elbows deep in all kinds of voxel madness! Some of it worked, some it didn’t, but I made it to the end intact. Here’s a collection of the results:

3December – NK by NomadKing on Sketchfab

Not too bad for a collection of work done in about 2 hours each day during one of the busiest months of the year –  I deserve a medal or something!

The Best

Every parent has their favourite child, and with 21 to choose from I wasn’t short of options, so here are the ones who might be getting Birthday parties this year:

When you have 21 kids… picking just 9 is surprisingly easy!

The Making of…

And as if that busy month of voxelling wasn’t enough – I even got to write a blog post about the whole thing over on Sketchfab too!

So if taking a peek behind the curtain is your sort of thing, then why not head over there and check it out – NomadKing’s 3December.

Thanks for reading and Happy 2019!