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City Living Released

Posted by on Dec 7, 2011 in Games | No Comments

City Living Released

Life in the city can be a strange and magical thing. As thousands of people go about their day to day lives, the bustle of the big city tells a story. A story of work and friendship, knowledge and health, money and power – each new face adding a chapter as they strive to follow their dreams.

Set in the city of Stone Valley, City Living: Urban Stories is a fun and quirky time management game that sees you helping your character to achieve their goals while juggling a hectic city life. Help them balance their time between friends, work, education, health, and of course – making lots of money!

You can find the game over on the Mac App Store or read more about the strange and wonderful city of Stone Valley on our City Living game page.

As always, contact us via the Support Page if you have any comments or feedback on the game (at least until the forums are up!)