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Back in Style

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014 in News, Website | No Comments

Back In Style

Hello and Welcome! After some ups and downs, a cancelled project and small hiatus from development, the monkeys behind XWired Games have returned. Huzzah!

This time around the intent is to be more public about things, and to not keep stuff super-secret until it’s done – there was a whole ~6 months of awesome stuff that we could have been sharing during the last cancelled-project. At least then perhaps it would have felt less like a complete waste of time. Lesson learned.

So, what can you expect from this new approach? Well to put it simply – expect everything. Expect design stuff, art stuff, technical stuff, work-in-progress stuff, code stuff and side-project stuff. If it’s even remotely related to games or game development, there’s a good chance you may find it here! The downloads page may even get some content this time around1 – and it only took 3 versions of the site to get some love!

I’m sure this approach has a name…yes… I think it’s called… Blogging!

Out with the Old…

The perceptive of you may have noticed that along with this new approach, a new website design has appeared. This is partly symbolic of a new start (very philosophical) and partly due to no longer wanting to deal with the PHP-franken-code I wrote for the old site. Powering a news page via a PHP forum? What was I thinking.

Based on the suggestions of the very talented, and all round awesome, Daniele Giardini, I ended up with a WordPress site and a good start point for my tinkering. With how stupidly easy the backend of the site is now, there’s no excuse for not posting more content2!

Also, whilst sorting out backups of the old site and smashing my face against against WordPress templates, I came across some blasts from the past – old versions of our site. Apart from giving me an overwhelmingly nostalgic grin on my face, it kind of struck me that although the look of the site has changed over the years, it also hasn’t – the essence has stayed the same. For some reason I’m kind of proud of that.

Check out the previous looks below:


Our Original Website

And for reference, the newly departed 2nd version of our site:


Website V2.000047681

Whie poking around the new site, if you spot anything that seems broken, looks a bit ‘off’ or have any suggestions for adding more awesomeness to the site – or just want to say how good / bad it looks – leave a comment below (or use our Support page if you’re feeling shy).

Lost Support Emails

During the recent redo of the website, it came to my attention that at some point in the last god-knows-how-many months, the hosting server stopped processing mail sent from itself (thanks to the hosting service for making assumptions about our setup…). This unfortunately meant that our Contact form didn’t actually send any mail through to us – but any mail sent directly our support address did still make it.

I’m not sure how I could have spotted this sooner, all I can do is apologise if you attempted to contact us and didn’t receive a reply. The issue is now fixed and the new contact form works, so if you sent us something and didn’t get a reply, feel free to fire off another request and I’ll make sure it gets answered ASAP.

I think that’s everything for now folks, thanks for reading!

Update: Thanks for the feedback about the site and mobile compatibility – things should look much better now (still the odd issue here and there, but nothing major).

  1. Aftermath and City Living based stuff is Incoming! []
  2. Compared to the old site, quantum-rocket-brain-surgery was infact easier []

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