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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Games | No Comments


The bad news is – I should have posted this item at the end of last week, but for a million and one reasons I’ve only just got around to it. The good news is – you get to read it today! Isn’t that kind?

So what’s all the hubbub (bub) about? Well our own little slice of post apocalyptic mayhem known as Aftermath has reach a grand old age of 1.4.0! Now that might not sound like much, but this update adds in additional pretty things (real-time shadows) as well as overhauling the entire AI system. Racing just got harder. A lot harder! Well maybe not that hard, but a bit more competitive and well rounded.

If you feel like giving us any feedback on the changes, or anything else in the game, you could stop by our Aftermath Forums, visit our Facebook Page or even follow us on twitter @XWiredGames.

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