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Aftermath on the Mac

Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in Games | No Comments

Aftermath on the Mac

Your engine rumbles into life, thrusting you forwards as the sound of cannon fire explodes all around you. Thick smoke and desert sand fills the air. Your heart pounds as you race towards the finish line, desperately trying to stay ahead of your competitors. A rocket strikes you from behind sending you flying into a cliff wall. Bones rattle. Metal twists. The world spins.

Are you trapped in some terrifying nightmare? Day dreaming after watching an 80’s Sci-fi movie marathon? Nope – your playing Aftermath!

Set in a grim and broken future, Aftermath is a post apocalyptic racer-shooter that pits you against the best, and worst, the Wasteland has to offer in a series of deadly races.

Sound good? Well that’s not even the best part – a newly updated version of the game is now available to buy for the Mac! Check it out on the Mac App Store, or find out more on our Aftermath game page.

Let the race begin!