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October, 2011

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Set in the peaceful city of Stone Valley, City Living: Urban Stories is a quirky time management game where you take control of a character's virtual life. Guide them through the minefield of modern life and help them find employment, managing their health, make friends and have some fun along the way. Take control and help push them ever closer to the goal of an ideal life!


Very much a digital board game, City Living was born from a fondness of the early days of gaming mixed with influences from games such as 'Monopoly' and 'The Game of Life'. Unlike many time management games today, in City Living we tried to emphasize the importance of the decision you make, not the speed at which you make them - there are no real-time elements or timers to hurry you along, everything happens at your pace. Actions and consequences over reactions and click counters. Building on this core concept and evolving the game, we strived to fit the gameplay between too complex and overly simple - trying to find the mythical balance that felt 'just right' (a balance we like to think we hit). Mixing in a healthy dose of XWired style, and a dash of obviously-board-game influenced graphics, and the resulting creation was something we were proud to call City Living: Urban Stories.


  • Time Management Gameplay - Filled with unique elements.
  • Story Mode - Meet some of the unique residents of Stone Valley, and provide a guiding hand as you steer them through a variety of eventful stories.
  • Hot Seat Mode - Find out who's best, as you compete against a friend in a turn based game to see who can succeed first.
  • Challenge Mode - With time against you, race to complete your character's goals in a host of challenges of varying difficulty.
  • Beautiful 3D Board - See time fly as you pass from sunny suburban mornings to neon city nights.
  • 1000's Of Character Combinations - Pimp your face City Living style.
  • Over 45 Achievements - Ranging from the simple and mundane, to the OCD and insane!
  • A Good Sense Of Humour - in that quirky ironic british kind of way!

Awards & Recognition

    • "AppStoreArcade - Game of the Month" AppStoreArcade.com, April, 2012

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About XWired Games

Founded by Rob Davies, Phil Clark and Nick Carter, XWired Games* is an independent games company focused on building the kind of games that we, as gamers, would want to play.

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City Living Credits

Rob Davies

Phil Clark
Designer / Artist

Nick Carter
Business / Management

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