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Double Trouble!

It's a great day for us here at XWired Games headquarters (Known XGHQ to the all hip kids...) as we proudly annouce the arrival of Aftermath and City Living on the PC!

Yup that's right, whether you like fast paced racing carnage, the buzz of urban city lifestyle or a combination of the two (a romantic dinner with an irradiated mole mutant?) - you can now get your fix of XWired gaming goodness from the comfort of your own PC! This is all made possible thanks to the great folks over at IndieCity - a one stop buffet of Indie gaming glory.

Remember, if you have any comments or questions you can visit our Forums, stalk us via our Facebook Page or even follow us on twitter @XWiredGames.

What are you waiting for? Go have some fun!


The bad news is - I should have posted this item at the end of last week, but for a million and one reasons I've only just got around to it. The good news is - you get to read it today! Isn't that kind?

So what's all the hubbub (bub) about? Well our own little slice of post apocalyptic mayhem known as Aftermath has reach a grand old age of 1.4.0! Now that might not sound like much, but this update adds in additional pretty things (real-time shadows) as well as overhauling the entire AI system. Racing just got harder. A lot harder! Well maybe not that hard, but a bit more competitive and well rounded.

If you feel like giving us any feedback on the changes, or anything else in the game, you could stop by our Aftermath Forums, visit our Facebook Page or even follow us on twitter @XWiredGames.

New Guy in Town

Greetings chaps and chap-ettes (already regretting saying that one...), welcome to 2012 and our first news post of the year! While the rest of the world has been tucked up warm, hiding from unwanted post-xmas winterness, we've been hard at work bringing you an update to the wonderful City Living!

As well as a few minor performance improvements and bug fixes, the new version brings support for sexy real time shadows (Oooooohhhhhh) and even sexier new character models (Aaaaaaaahhhhh). Both are on and awesome by default, and both are featured in the above image.

Also, you may want to check out the new review of City Living (including the above features) by the brilliant guys over at AppStoreArcade.

I won't give away too many spoilers, but it ends with a nice number and a few celebratory highfives - definitely worth the read!

Aftermath on the Mac Store

Your engine rumbles into life, thrusting you forwards as the sound of cannon fire explodes all around you. Thick smoke and desert sand fills the air. Your heart pounds as you race towards the finish line, desperately trying to stay ahead of your competitors. A rocket strikes you from behind sending you flying into a cliff wall. Bones rattle. Metal twists. The world spins.

Are you trapped in some terrifying nightmare? Day dreaming after watching an 80's Sci-fi movie marathon? Nope - your playing Aftermath!

Set in a grim and broken future, Aftermath is a post apocalyptic racer-shooter that pits you against the best, and worst, the Wasteland has to offer in a series of deadly races.

Sound good? Well that's not even the best part - a newly updated version of the game is now available to buy for the Mac! Check it out on the Mac App Store, or find out more on our Aftermath game page.

Let the race begin!

City Living Released

Life in the city can be a strange and magical thing. As thousands of people go about their day to day lives, the bustle of the big city tells a story. A story of work and friendship, knowledge and health, money and power - each new face adding a chapter as they strive to follow their dreams.

Set in the city of Stone Valley, City Living: Urban Stories is a fun and quirky time management game that sees you helping your character to achieve their goals while juggling a hectic city life. Help them balance their time between friends, work, education, health, and of course - making lots of money!

You can find the game over on the Mac App Store or read more about the strange and wonderful city of Stone Valley on our City Living game page.

As always, contact us via the Support Page if you have any comments or feedback on the game (at least until the forums are up!)